NASA Rally Sport Expands With New Canadian Series

cxeThe NASA Rally Sport philosophy of focusing on competitors, innovative technology, and keeping costs low, continues to attract more and more organizers. Today NASA is proud to announce that five events in Canada are joining our program. These rallies will be known as the Extreme Elite Series and together will crown the Canadian NASA National Champion. Eric Trembley, who has an extensive history organizing events in Canada, will lead the new series.

“It’s a very exciting time,” says Anders Green, NASA Rally Sport Director. “Adding five more rallies to our schedule means we’ll sanction twenty events next year. Rally needs more people working together. It’s refreshing to see an organization look around and evaluate rationally how they can accomplish the best for their racers and the future of the sport. We love sharing our infrastructure so that organizers and competitors have more powerful tools at their disposal. More than ever our job is to focus on our mission of putting on great events, ensuring great competition, and providing top-class support and technology to the organizers. We are continuing to make sure that all the racers from the front to the back of the field have great racing that’s fun and affordable.”


Photo Courtesy Virage

The events in the series will be Rallye la Tuque, Rallye Sanair, Rallye de Saguenay, Lac-aux-Sable Rallye, and Rallye Portneuf. These comprise two gravel events, two snow events on WRC studded tires, and one tarmac event. These high quality Canadian rallies, based in the province of Quebec, are famous for the sheer numbers of enthusiastic fans they bring to the stages.

“Working with NASA so far has been excellent,” says Eric Trembley, Extreme Elite Series Director. “The openness to new ideas and willingness to get to work solving problems is just what the sport needs. Drivers from the United States now have whole new set of rallies to travel to, under the same rules and procedures, which means they can focus on the important thing: racing!”


Photo Courtesy Virage

“We’ve been expanding constantly the last two years,” reports Kristopher Marciniak, NASA Rally Sport Director. “The Ohio Winter RallySprint, Frazier Mountain Rally, The Doo Wop Rally, and our Test Day program is the cherry on top – offering 3-4 events a year where you can practice your rally skills at an affordable venue. New organizers are joining up with NASA Rally Sport for the support and tools we give them, and old friends are bringing events back to NASA because they see the value that goes way beyond just an insurance certificate. Rally is a family, and there’s nothing better than racing against your friends, or working together with them to put on a great event.”

The Extreme Elite Series (Challenge Xtreme Elite – CXE) will join the NASA Rally Sport Schedule in 2017. United States NASA Rally Sport Competition Licenses will be accepted at these events and NASA Rally Sport Competition Licenses issued to Canadian Competitors will be accepted in the US. Founded in 2003, NASA Rally Sport focuses on making sure that rally remains a sustainable and affordable passion for the drivers and organizers while building the family of racers and volunteers that make rally happen.


Photo Courtesy Virage